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412 Live Relaunching!

It’s been a long time, shouldn’t of left you without a dope beat to step to...

It’s been a few years since the original 412 Live stations shut down, but thanks to some changes we are bringing 412 Live back on Live365! The orignal social media is still active so in some cases, we can pick up where we left off.

We will be rolling out seven of the original stations starting with DISCOTEQUE. Even though I am the program director and curator of all the stations this is one of my personal favorites. It is a mix of new and classic Nu Disco, Indie Dance, French House, and midtempo club tracks. It features tracks from Purple Disco Machine, Chromeo, Daft Punk, Kaytranada, Party Pupils, Lefti, Roisto, Luke Million, Oliver Nelson, Miguel Campbell, Yuksek, Mousse T. and more. Although I do most of the music selcting for all the channels, for Discoteque I have enlisted to tastemaker talents of DJs Samuel Andres and Digital Dave to help curate this channel.

I personally edit every single track on all the stations which racks up to thousands of edits, cutting long intros and outros off, cutting 7 minute tracks down to size, and turning fade outs into cold ends wherever possible.

Coming soon will be Deep Boutique, Global EDM, Synthetic, The Warehouse, Anthematic, and Lotus Lounge.

You can stream DISCOTEQUE for free online at or using the Live365 player at

You can also download the free app and search for "Discoteque"

App Store:


Follow us on social media:

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