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I’ve been a DJ since 1986, and have been collecting vinyl just as long. Just like an archeological dig, the act of digging through crates and bins of vinyl is both an adventure and honestly, therapy.

As much as I love my collection, I am always fascinated by other peoples collections. There are so many variables that go into what makes up a collection and I enjoy hearing all about it. Whether you have 100 records or 10,000, every collection has a story. Inspired by the book “DUST & GROOVES” I thought it would be fun to showcase some of these collections and hear the story behind them, so without further ado, I give you THE CRATE DIGGERS PROJECT.

If you are interested hit me up at

I will send you the questions, and you send me some pics (look at the other posts to get an idea). Preferably at least one with you in them, lit properly and not blurry.

You can also just copy/paste the questions into an E-mail and send it back to me with your answers and pics!




Name/DJ Name: Location (no addresses please): 


Small bio (if you want): 


Years DJing/collecting:


What got you into collecting vinyl?


Do you remember the first record you ever bought? 


Approximate number of records in your collection: 


Genres you collect: 


Artist you have the most records by/Label you have the most records by: 

Your favorite record:


How are your records arranged? 


Is there a holy-grail record/records you’re still trying to get? 


Favorite place to dig/favorite record shop: 


Anything else you want to say about your collection or anything else you collect? 

Send back with some cool pics of your collection, would prefer a good shot or two with you and the collection, either with it, looking through it, or showcasing some of your favorites, but the focus is on your awesome collection!


Any social media and projects you want to promote:

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