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BRUNO MARS – GRENADE [Strobe Remix Production Info]

For this mix, I didn’t have access to an acapella or parts so I started with a WAV of the 2 track master, which was at 110.5 BPM. I bumped it up to 125 for the remix.

After lining it up in Ableton Live with a kick at 125, I started toying around with several ideas until I settled on the blueprint for the mix I ended up with. My main go to VST synths are LennarDigital Sylenth1 and Refx Nexus which I used multiple instances of for this mix, in addition to the Korg Legacy M1 for the famous organ bass sound.

I added some stock filters and EQ to the master track to knock out some of the low end which I would be replacing with my own bass and drums anyway and add some midrange to get the vocals to stand out more.

The bass is a combination of 2 organ (M1 and Sylenth1) and 1 saw with the filter down (Sylenth1).

The pads are 3 separate passes, 1 very muted almost electric piano sounding (Nexus), 1 analog and warm (Sylenth1) and another with a gated organ (Sylenth1)

There are also 2 other synth parts, orchestral strings which I doubled the parts from the original with (Nexus) and a Arpeggio to add something different (Sylenth1).

The drums are mostly from my library.

Here are some screenshots from my remix session…



TIM & JT – CARRY OUT [Strobe Remix Production Info]

Originally heard this track heading back from New York and though it would sound like a fun track to remix then coincidentally the mix came around. Obviously I took it from the 99 BPM original up to 127 for the dance-floor and gave it a funky disco house feel.

Like most of my “live” bass parts, the bass was done with Spectrasonics Trilogy run through tube saturation and Waves RBass and RComp. I used a few elements from the original like the brass swell and guitar stab. The guitar parts were cut up bits from a disco guitar loop from my library, but most likely came from an Ueberschall disco sample CD back in the day. The Rhodes part was played by me using two instances of Nexus and ran it and the wah guitar parts through a bit-crusher to give it a retro feel. Listening now, there are some things I would have added but sometimes you have to say enough…

Most of the drums came from my library and a few bits from some disco records and the clap and one of the open hats came from a Vengeance drum sample pack.

Someone also made the comment that all I did was “speed up” the original and didn’t add anything but some new drums, when technology is at your fingertips, I say FIRE. Here is my reply:





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