Strobe & Digital Dave “Fuk Dat 2013” Out Now On Groovetraxx Records

What started out as a bootleg of the original 90’s classic, turned into something completely different.


Fuk Dat 2013 is a collaboration of Strobe, a producer of 20+ years with multiple gold records to his name and Digital Dave, a 17 year veteran DJ celebrating his first release as an artist.

The song was born from an idea stemming from a monthly party in Pittsburgh coincidentally titled “Fuk Dat”. Strobe and Dave were slated to play that party and on the day of the event, Strobe called Dave up and said he had a really funny idea to recreate “Fuk Dat” but with modern day anecdotes. By 9am Strobe had the music replayed, the track mostly produced and part of the lyrics, Dave came up with rest of the lyrics and we went into the studio that day and Strobe laid down the vocals. We finished the record as the night began on a laptop…
The track is a modern day take on Sagat’s 1994 hit “Why Is It (Funk Dat),” which the song interpolates as well, addressing modern club issues like fist pumping, glow sticks, restroom attendants, requesting songs using cell phones and dubstep. The “Original Tech Mix” also produced by Strobe & Digital Dave pairs a funky bassline with disco brass creating a great upbeat vibe. The release also features mixes by Jerome Robins & Arno Greico.

“Fuk Dat 2013” was released on Tracksource on January 14, 2013 and in just 2 days the track was ranked number 10 on the sites “Top 20 House Essentials” The track is also slated for release on Beatport, iTunes. & other digital download outlets on January 28th.

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