Sep 7, 2015
DJ Strobe

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean – Strobe Remix

Before you go YUCK, listen to the remix. I was never a Belieber, I never had Bieber fever, but the original Skrillex produced Tripical vibed track is a great end of summer track.

Check out my remix here:

Strobe – Remixes Vol 5 (Deep-Future House) by Djstrobe on Mixcloud

Watch the video here:

Download HERE

Aug 2, 2015
DJ Strobe

Bitch I’m Madonna – Official Strobe Remixes

Back once again for the diva of divas, I have crafted a remix of “Botch I’m Madonna” with MonoMono. Full of big percussion and monkey sounds to take you to the jungle on the dancefloor or wherever you are! Download below! Make sure to follow and subscribe!


Here are some other remixes including my Madonna “Living For Love” remixes:

Jul 6, 2015
DJ Strobe

CHIC featuring NILE RODGERS “I’ll Be There”

Chic Cover

If you don’t know who Nile Rodger’s is, perhaps you know of his work for Chic, Madonna, Daft Punk, INXS, Grace Jones, Diana Ross, Duran Duran and countless others… One of the most talented individuals in the game for decades. I was honroed witht he chance to remix this new record “I’ll Be There,” a dedication of Chic bass player Bernard Edwards. The track recently went #1 including remixes from Basement Jaxx, ZHU, and myself.

Check out the remixes here:

Thanks for all the support!

Here is a link to my free iTunes podcast and all my other Social Media pages:


Madonna – Living For Love (Strobe Living For 92 Megamix) by Djstrobe on Mixcloud

Apr 16, 2015
DJ Strobe

Petition To Soundcloud From The DJ Community

soundcloud for djs

I have started an online petition on behalf of the entire DJ community worldwide to hopefully pressure Soundcloud into reevaluating their current platform as it relates to mixsets and bootlegs. Please sign, share and push the petition! Please share the petition. It is important the voices of the entire DJ community be heard. Uphill battle, sure? Impossible? Never! If nothing else, it will show the industry how strong we can be, and if Soundcloud ignores us, hopefully our voices will be heard by Mixcloud or another new platform.

Sign the petition HERE!

Some people have been using MIXCLOUD as an alternative, although the networking and social media aspect of that platform is light years behind Soundcloud.

For a clearer understand of why this matters here are a few articles:
Soundcloud’s Dictatorship Continues

Soundcloud We Need To Talk

Sign the petition HERE!

Apr 12, 2015
DJ Strobe

Strobe’s Waxcast// New Vinyl Only Podcast

I have been delving deeper into my vinyl collection lately, and decided the best way to archive it all is with a podcast. I will focus on mostly house music from the 80’s and 90’s, similar to The Warehouse on 412 Live. No laptops, no CDs, all vinyl. I am also interested in anyone making new or have good quality recordings of older sets I can use as guest episodes. Not against any classic techno or drum & bass sets as long as they’re from vinyl (not rips).


You can subscribe to the iTunes Podcast HERE

You can follow the Mixcloud uploads HERE

Strobe’s Waxcast Episode 01 [Live At Cured]:

Strobe Waxcast 001 – Strobe At Cured January 2015 by Djstrobe on Mixcloud

Strobe’s Waxcast Episode 02 [80’s House Classics 1]:

Strobe Waxcast 002 – Strobe 80s House Classics 1 April 2015 by Djstrobe on Mixcloud

Mar 8, 2015
DJ Strobe

Deep Reconstructions Part 1

Here is a folder of my deeper reconstructions, remixes, mashups & bootlegs of popular tracks. Enjoy!

Grab the goodies HERE

Mar 8, 2015
DJ Strobe

Classic Remixes Part 1

I was going through my hard drives and came across a bunch of my older remixes. While most of these records are recurrent or VERY recurrent, if you happen to be playing a 90’s or earlier 2000’s party, then here’s some mainstream club for you! Tracks by Missy Elliot, Jennifer Paige, Jagged Edge, UNK, Kevin Rudolf and more. Enjoy!

Click HERE to go to the download page!


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